I wil be on Vacation from 8/14 to 8/31

In my absence the Tuesday 8/14 AM game will be directed by Jennifer Kuhn.
All subsequent AM games will be directed by Mark Sorenson. There will be no lessons. You will notice some delay when posting the results as I am in a different time zone.

exp. 9/1/18

Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?

Fact #23 on Defense

To lead top of a sequence at NT, the suit should have 3 adjacent honors (KQJx(x)). However, the third card in the sequence can be missing by one place-KQ10x(x) is considered a sequence, KQ9xx is not and fourth highest should be led.
If the third card is missing by more than one place, lead fourth highest. From QJ942, lead the queen, but from QJ842, lead the four

Fact #24 on Defense

To lead an honor at a suit contract, only two adjacent honors are necessary and the top honor is led.
Lead the ace from AKx(x), the King from KQx(x), the Queen from QJx(x), the Jack from J10x(x), and the ten from 109x(x). At notrump, lead fourth highest from these combinations holding four or more cards in the suit. If you happen to have three cards headed by two adjacent honors (QJx), and think that is the suit to lead, lead the top honor and hope partner can work it out.

In general the lead of a low card shows strength and the lead of a relatively high spot card shows weakness.


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Experation 9/1/2018

Join our sister club at Fattoria e Mare Restaurant
Peninsula Duplicate Bridge Club

Wednesday Afternoon
Stratified Open Pairs at 12:30 pm
Wednesday Evenings
Stratified Open Pairs at 6:30 pm
Thursday Afternoon
Stratified Open Pairs at 12:30 pm

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North American Pairs
Red and Black Points
Saturday 9/15/2018
Game Time 10:00 AM
Those who qualified are eligible to play at the Unit level NAP game.
When you qualify at the Unit NAP game, you are eligible to play at the District level NAP. District level Champions will play at the 2019 Spring NABC! 

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