RULE 1 A two-over-one response shows 4+ cards in a minor suit, or 5+ cards in s. (If no 4 cards, bid your best 3 card minor!)

RULE 2 Responder indicates 11+ points and promises to bid again unless game has been reached.

RULE 3 Opener should describe his hand as naturally as possible. He may raise responder’s suit with three trumps.

RULE 4 All nonjump rebids by opener indicate 13 to 18 points. These are forcing because responder is required to bid again.

RULE 5 Jump rebids by opener show 19+ points except a raise from 2 to 4 shows 16-18 points.

RULE 6 If opener jumps after a two-over-one response, the purpose is not only to reach game but to suggest slam. Slam bidding is covered in another lesson.

2 Over 1 for Intermediates

What are Bergen Raises or Jacoby 2NT?

You use these responses, when you have 4-card support for your partner’s opening bid in a major suit which your partner opened in 1st or 2nd seat.) You will indicate the strength of your hand, based on points, as follows:

  • 7-9 HCPs > bid 3♣ Constructive Raise (Bergen)
  • 10-12 HCPs > bid 3Limit Raise (Bergen)
  • 12+ HCPs > bid 2NT (Jacoby 2NT)
  • 0-6 HCPs > bid 3 or 3♠ Preemptive Raise (Bergen)

When do you use Bergen Raises or Jacoby 2NT?
You must have 4-card support for your Partner’s major opening bid. All of these bids are alertable by the Opener. As soon as the Responder bids any of them, the Opener must announce “Alert” and/or show the Alert card from the bidding box.

2 Over 1 for Intermediates

Bergen Raises and Jacoby 2NT
These are the requirements to use Bergen raises or Jacoby 2NT by Responder:

  1. Opener must be in 1st or 2nd seat. (Explained, this means: The dealer is considered to be in 1st seat. The next player to bid is in 2nd seat. If two or more players pass before the first player bids, then Bergen raises and Jacoby 2NT do not apply.)
  2. There cannot be an opening or intervening bid by opponent.

Remember: Seat 3 or Seat 4 could be a weak opening or have other considerations, so these 2/1 bids do not apply when your partner opens in 3rd or 4th seat. An overcall by your partner over a bid by opponent could be weak also. So to use these bids, the opening bid must have been made by your partner in 1st or 2nd seat – no exceptions to that! And the opening bid must be a major suit. If Opener bid a minor or 1NT, these bids do not apply.

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That treating invitational hands with no 4 card major is based on partnership agreement when partner opens 1?

Invitational hands have good 10-12 total points. Do no count doubltons J's and sigleton Q's. For example:

You are holding ♠Q62 J8 54 ♣AKJ985
Partner opens 1, RHO passes, what is your call?

You do not have enough to bid 2. You do not have a balanced hand to bid 2NT. Your bid should then be: 3, Invitational

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