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The Villa at San Mateo

4000 S El Camino Real, San Mateo.
Every Tuesday and Friday
Game at 12:00 noon; Stratified Open Pairs

 Lessons every Tuesday and Friday at 11:30 am. 

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exp. 12/31/2023

Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?

Fact 45:

If the opponents are playing standard signals, this tip is sure to screw them up.

Say the 3 is led against notrump and dummy has the A-K-5 and you have the Q-6-2. You play the king from dummy and third hand plays the 4. If you play the 6, concealing the deuce, consider the confusion you have caused: fourth hand won't know if partner has led from a four- or five-card suit (can't see the deuce) and the opening leader won't know if partner is signaling with something like Q-4-2. (can't see the deuce).

If you play the deuce at trick one, East knows that West has led from a four-card suit and West knows that partner's 4 is discouraging. For shame.

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SATURDAY 11/18/2023
Unit Game

Open Section   499ers Section

The 2023 Unit Game Schedule

January 21st.
February, 18th
February, 25-26, (Sectional) Mt.View
March, 18th
April, 22nd
May, 20th (Sectional)
June 24th
July, 22nd
August, 12-13 (Sectional) Mt. View
September, 16
October 28-29 (Sectional) The Villa
November, 18th
December, 16th (Election & Holiday Party)

All Unit Games are at the Villa. Start at 12:15 pm. Lunch at 11:30 pm, unless otherwise noted.

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