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This Lesson was released June 23, 2019

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1. You should always use the Law of Total Tricks to figure out how high to bid.
2.  Advantages of Reverse Bergen Raises.
3.  There is a style of bidding called Walsh.
4.  Always signal positive attitude with the highest card you can afford.
5.  Unintentionally, pushing the opponents into a non making contract.
6.  A "Negative Double" and correct.

exp. 9/30/19

Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?

 Fact #31 At notrump it is important to keep communications with partner's hand. If partner's lead looks like top of a doubleton, it's usually a good idea not to take the first trick. Let partner keep that second card so when he gets in he can return your suit.

This tip comes in very handy when you have A-K-x-x-x-(x) with no outside entry. If you duck the first trick, partner will be able to return the suit when he gets in.

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