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Robot pairs will now be considered ineligible for masterpoint® awards by the Masterpoint Engine. Just to ensure that you all understand what this means, while the BBO results will show robot pairs receiving awards, this will change when your games are processed in Live for Clubs.

 This is yet another reason to ensure  you understand that all masterpoint awards shown on BBO are unofficial - the awards in Live for Clubs are the official awards. 

 Also, I want to explain exactly what ineligible means. The robots' scores will not change nor will their overall score that they achieve. Likewise, the results that you the human players achieve against them will not be adjusted. You will still receive your original scores unless the director adjusts them. What does happen is that when awards are distributed the robot pair will be "skipped."


exp. 10/30/2020

Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?

 Fact 37
When defending a suit contract, there are two main techniques declarer uses to garner extra tricks:

(1) setting up a long suit in dummy,
(2) ruffing losers in the short hand (usually the dummy.) If dummy comes down with a long and a short suit and you have the long suit bottled up, lead trumps because the long suit is not usable. If it appears that the long suit is usable, play an attacking defense going for outside tricks quickly. If the dummy comes down balanced, declarer has no place to get rid of losers and will eventually lose them, therefore you and partner should adopt a passive defense. Avoid breaking new suits if possible. Let them have what they have coming. Sit back and wait for your tricks. Your day will come.

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