New Page "Two over One Corner" will permanently contain the 4 Lessons of 2/1 GF. We will also add any other supporting material as it becomes available.

Lesson #3 of "2/1 GF" will be taught on Friday, 12/9

On 12/9, there will be a STaC game. Normally there wouldn't be a lesson during STaC week, but this time we will teach Lesson #3 of "2/1

READ THE NEW ARTICLE by Marty Bergen on "Your Bridge or Mine" Page, how to open 6/5 hands"

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Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?  

Fact 48 (Playing Tip)

At a suit contract holding A-x-x facing x-x-x and the suit is led, it is usually right to win the second round of the suit.

If one of the opponents has a doubleton, you cut the communications between the two hands. It is also right to duck when dummy has x-x and you have A-x-x-(x). Ducking allows you to keep control of the suit. Do the same when dummy has A-x-x-(x) and you have x-x. Take the second trick with the ace. This assumes you have no place to put these losers.

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 After a 1overcall, a major ­suit response can be made with only 4. But, after a 1overcall, a 1♠ response guarantees at least 5. Two ­level responses guarantee at least 5.

Conclusion: If they overcall anything other than 1, then responder's bid of a major guarantees 5 or more. If they overcall 1, then responder is allowed to bid 1or 1♠ with only 4.

Warning: This needs to be studied, studied again and memorized. It isn't complicated, but causes complication if it isn't digested properly.

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HURRY-UP, Seats are Limited; Signup for our

Holiday Party Unit Game.
This Saturday 12/10 at 11:15 am Catered lunch followed by STaC game
2 Sections (299ers and Open)

Sign-Up at the club or email Margery Pacchetti

Three New 2/1 Quizzes! 
Check it out and try them all.

 They are lessons within themselves, so take the quizzes and improve your game!!!

THE 2016 End of Year Competitions

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Who will be the most Improved Player?
Who will be the "Ace of SMBC"?

The Ted Richmond PRO-AM Unit Game Overall Winners

1st Place: Doriane Heyman - Ted Richmond
2nd Place
Dariush Youssefi - Nathan Gennaro
3rd place:
Stan Chow - Susan West
4th Place:
Joanne Lewin - Virginia Wailes
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