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exp. 6/1/18

Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?

Fact #22 on Defense

To lead top of a sequence at notrump, the suit should have three adjacent honors (KQJx(x)). However, the third card in the sequence can be missing by one place-KQ10x(x) is considered a sequence, KQ9xx is not and fourth highest should be led.

If the third card is missing by more than one place, lead fourth highest. From QJ942, lead the queen, but from QJ842, lead the four


Click on "Play" above. Play the hand card by card. Try to make it. Then watch how I played it for you, by clicking on "Next"!

Experation 6/1/2018

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San Mateo Bridge Center
Proudly Announces New Game Schedule!!!
Fattore e Mare Restaurant
1095 Rollins Road, Burlingame 94010
Tuesday and Friday Mornings
Stratified 499’er Game
Lesson at 9:00
Game at 9:30
Lunch available after the game for $12
Thursday Afternoons
Startified Open Pairs
Game at 11:30 A.M
Lunch available at 11:00 AM for $7. Soft Drink $1.
No Reservations Required Plenty of Parking
You Can Play AND Avoid the Commute

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