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The Unit 498 - Mentor Program is Back!!!
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Next Mentor/Mentee Games:
6pm Thursday January 31, 2019
6pm Thursday February 28, 2019
6pm Thursday March 28, 2019   
6pm Thursday April 25, 2019
(proposed 2019 dates subject to change)
All games will finish by 9pm.
Participants are Expected to Play at Three Sessions.


Click to the right on the Hondo Viewer Icon to play the board
You can click on any hand to uncover the cards
These hands wll teach you how to play the hand and predict how the cards are distributed.
Hand is coutrtesy of ACBL.Experation 12/31/2018

exp. 12/31/18

Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?

Fact #25 on Defense

In general the lead of a low card shows strength and the lead of a relatively high spot card shows weakness.

If partner leads a low card in one suit, gets in and shifts to a low card (showing strength) in another suit, partner wants a return in the second suit. If partner shifts to a high card in the second suit (top of nothing perhaps), he is asking for a return in the first suit. Got it?

Fact #26 on Defense

When partner leads low from length and dummy has small cards, third hand plays high. However, if third hand has two or three equal high cards, third hand plays the lower or lowest equal. (From K10x, play the king, from KQx, play the queen, from KQJ(x), play the jack.)

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Thursday Afternoon
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