Avoid the Guess Work!
by Eddie Kantar
Practice Declarer Play #2
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Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?  

Fact 33

When dummy cards are placed on the table, add declarer's ikely point count to dummy's known point count.

The bidding has gone 1NT-3NT. Partner leads and dummy has 10 HCP. Say the opponents are playing a 15-17 notrump range. Assume declarer has the middle count, 16, and proceed from here. The opponents have 26 HCP, give or take 1 point, leaving you and partner with 14. You know how many you have, so it is easy enough to figure out how many partner has. Do it!

 After a 1overcall, a major ­suit response can be made with only 4. But, after a 1overcall, a 1♠ response guarantees at least 5. Two ­level responses guarantee at least 5.

Conclusion: If they overcall anything other than 1, then responder's bid of a major guarantees 5 or more. If they overcall 1, then responder is allowed to bid 1or 1♠ with only 4.

Warning: This needs to be studied, studied again and memorized. It isn't complicated, but causes complication if it isn't digested properly.


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Opening 1NT with a Singleton


The ACBL Board of Directors removed a legal gray area surrounding semi-balanced notrump openers when it approved a change to the definition of a notrump opening in the General Convention Chart. The change allows players to open 1NT with hands that include a singleton ace, king or queen, as long as they do not also contain a doubleton.

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