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1.  You never need to ruff in the hand with long trump UNLESS.
2.  Why Qxx opposite Jxx is a dangerous combination.
3.  Draw trumps ASAP unless there is a reason not to.
4.  Against a small slam in a suit, you want to make an aggressive lead.
5.  Don't bid your hand twice.
6.  Use Bergen Starting Points in NT to figure out how high to bid.

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Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?

Fact #27 on Defense

When returning the suit partner has led, with two cards remaining return the higher; with three cards remaining, return the lowest.

Say partner leads low and dummy has low cards. If you have A-10-5, play the ace and return the 10. If you have A-10-6-5, play the ace and return the 5.

Fact #28 on Defense

When partner leads low from length and dummy comes down with an honor and you have a higher and a lower honor, insert the lower honor if dummy plays low.

Say dummy has the Q-5-4 or the J-5-4 and you have K-10-6(x). If dummy plays low, play the 10. Say dummy has the K-7-6 or the Q-7-6 and you have A-J-3(2). If dummy plays low, play the jack.

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