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This Lesson was released March 10, 2019

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Board 1. Rule of 16 and 24 after 2 passes
Board 2. Picture Bidding.
Board 3.  The 5 level belongs to the Opponents.
Board 4. Many often misdefend allowing you to make unmakeble contracts.
Board 5. Good Bidding and Good Play.

The Unit 498 - Mentor Program.
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6pm Thursday April 25, 2019
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exp. 6/30/19

Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?

Fact #29. If partner leads a low card in one suit, gets in and shifts to a low card (showing strength) in another suit, partner wants a return in the second suit. If partner shifts to a high card in the second suit (top of nothing perhaps), he is asking for a return in the first suit. Got it?

Fact #30. One doesn't lead the same against 3NT as against 6NT. Against 6NT avoid leading from an honor unless you have a sequence.

With: ♠ K10763 ♥ J108 ♦ 85 ♣ Q92 Lead the ♠6 against 3NT, but the ♥J against 6NT. (If they have about 33 HCP, guess how many partner has!).

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Mark Sorenson
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