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Many of you use iPads and/or Mac IOS computers. IOS does not support "FLASH". All the movies/hands in our lessons are constructed using BBO flash. Hence when viewing the lessons you will not be able to display those movies (an error message appear). Fret Not; We are moving away from flash and on to using VuBridge movie player which is not "flash" dependant.

Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?  

Fact 43 (Playing Tip)

There is nothing more important than counting your sure tricks before you begin to play. At notrump count your sure tricks outside of the suit you plan to establish. This tells you how many tricks you need in your main suit and then play accordingly.

See you Next Week


See you Next Week


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4/4 Trump fit is better than 5/3 Trump fit!

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 After a 1overcall, a major ­suit response can be made with only 4. But, after a 1overcall, a 1♠ response guarantees at least 5. Two ­level responses guarantee at least 5.

Conclusion: If they overcall anything other than 1, then responder's bid of a major guarantees 5 or more. If they overcall 1, then responder is allowed to bid 1or 1♠ with only 4.

Warning: This needs to be studied, studied again and memorized. It isn't complicated, but causes complication if it isn't digested properly.

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