Face to Face Starts on August 3rd

The Villa at San Mateo
4000 S El Camino Real, San Mateo.
Every Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 am


In 2020 We covered "The Play of the Hand"

In 2021

We will focus on "All About Defense",

and we will also review conventions.

 Please email the conventions you would like me to review, bridgepals@gmail.com, so that I can be sure to include them in the upcoming course.   

I will gladly introduce new conventions you would be interested in learning,
or refresh your understanding of ones we commonly use.


exp. 6/31/2021

Surely a player of your bridge skills is familiar with most or all of the following tips you are about to read. But is your partner?

Fact 41

Before playing to the first trick, review the bidding and make sure you remember the opening lead.

Sometimes the opening lead is a small spot card and it is important to know exactly how small. If the opening leader later plays another small card in that suit, you really want to know whether it is a higher or lower card than the original lead. You really do!

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Online Lessons Ends July 30th!
Every Tuesday and Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. in the comfort of your own home!!! 

You can always join the meeting at


Meeting ID 6509547747
Password 6509547747

You can add me as a contact and find me at:  bridgepals@gmail.com

 The lessons will be published on this website for your convenience. There will be no charge for the lessons so that we can stay connected and sharpen our skills until normalcy prevails.

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